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Misano and Surroundings

Misano Adriatico, a holiday of pure relaxation!
Misano Adriatico, the seaside resort town located between Riccione and Cattolica, about 15 Km south of Rimini, allows you to experience the sea and the beach from morning to evening, immersing yourself in the tranquility of a quiet, refined and safe town that has green areas along the town centre, where street furniture is constantly cared for.
The 3 kilometer coast line with its crystal clear waters, the fine sand, and the children’s areas make Misano an ideal destination for families. Enjoy the beach from morning to night, including beach volleyball and basketball courts, the gyms and the bocce facilities.
Brand boutiques and fine restaurants in a romantic atmosphere welcome you to Portoverde, the small marina of Misano, where the new promenade, recently renovated by architect Paul Portuguese, awaits for you to go walking or cycling.

Sports, amusement parks and…culture!
If you love sports, you won’t want to miss the spectacle of the moto GP Aperol Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini and with the Superbike riders at Misano Adriatico Circuit.

For those who prefer to spend a fun day in the countryside with the children, there’s the Oasi faunistica e Osservatorio Ornitologico del Conca (Wildlife Oasis and Bird Observatory) in Misano Adriatico, which can be reached by bike, following the paths along the shores of the river Conca.
Misano is also a good base to visit the famous theme parks of the Riviera. If you’re looking for Misano Adriatico hotels that have special focus on theme parks, Hotel Eden has deals for the best ones in the area.

For your thirst for art and history, we suggest a visit to the ruins of the Malatesta Castle in Misano Monte about 3 km from the beach, to the Malatesta Fortress, to the Surgeon’s House in Rimini, to the old Art Nouveau villas in Riccione, to the medieval towns and villages of hinterland Romagna, such as St. Leo, Gradara, and San Marino.
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